Uptimer Robo!

The best way to run an uptime on your https replit server!

Current repls: 501

Alive repls: 42%

Total pings sent: 54511712

Time ran: 401334 minutes

Time between pings: 267 seconds

Or run this command in your repl's shell
(Site made by 『cal』#7826 on discord, 10 repls being pinged per user)

To prepare a repl!

Please: make sure it is on, allows bot get requests, and is your own URL!

Adding repls!

Enter a standard URL:
Be sure it has full path names;
Every five minutes until you remove it, my site will send a ping to your repl!

Removing repls!

Start with "rem " and then enter the URL you want to remove:
Be sure it has full path names;
Will remove that URL from the servers!

Forgot your URL and want to stop being pinged or have any concerns?

No worries!:
Contact me via discord @『cal』#7826 or join the discord and i'll help right away! (if im awake XD)

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